Friday, September 23, 2011

New camera coming...

I have been obsessed with film camera's for about a year now, and have a number of 35mm camera's I've been using.  I just won a TLR (twin lens reflex) camera from ebay, I hope it works :).  The new camera has a 120 film size back so I ordered some film from the internet it's really the only place to get film much anymore, I know there are some local shops that carry it but 5 rolls of film for $19.00 is pretty good (I think).  I need to start doing my own film development that is what I need to get next.  I wanted to try a few different types of film, so I went to photoshop and have been playing around with a few filters.  I know they are digital representations of what the qualities of the film that makes it unique, but I settled on the Kodak 400 T-Max film, if the post processing is any indication of the output from the film I'm pretty excited.  When I shoot some film and scan I'll post the film photos so we can have a little comparison :) Here are my digital test shots.
Right out of the camera, nice and smooth
After applying the Kodak 400 T-Max processing
Split view for easier comparison

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