Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Leonardo (Da Vinci Exhibit)

My wife and I had a free night last week so we went to a museum, The Leonardo (Salt Lake City, Utah) has been hosting a Da Vinci Exhibit so we went to see it. I love Da Vinci, he was such a great inventor, painter and more. Here are some pictures of the great Da Vinci exhibit and The Leonardo exhibits.

See the full set of photos here: The Leonardo
See what else is available at The Leonardo

Friday, January 4, 2013

A great camera bag give away!

Check out Nicole Young's (Nicolesy) blog she is giving away a new Lowe Pro bag, well lowepro is giving the bag away but through Nicolesy ;)

I have had the Fastpack 350 for 2 different camera's (with gear), three different laptops, over 2 years of shooting and travel and have absolutely loved it, I've recommended it to a number of people. I know at least 3 (that's a lot) people who have bought and love the Fastpack 350 but I'm growing out of it and would love to get the rover pro series of bag to move into.

Here's the link:

The Bag:
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