Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The problem with taking pictures is you start to see things to take pictures of. That is sort of problematic because everything is something you can take pictures of and maybe everything should have its picture taken, but is there any interest in this?

Another problem with taking pictures is that you have to have your camera to take them, I have been carrying my camera with me almost always for the last 2-3 years, it's in a bag I keep my Laptop and gear together and take them everywhere (my wife thinks I'm a little crazy) and stop and take pictures when I see something of interest.

I love to drink liquids right now I love Diet Dr Pepper (sponsors?) and with the amount of liquid that goes into my body the more that has to come out :P While I was taking a trip to the men's room I saw this really awesome pattern out of the corner of my eye so I finished my business and went and got my camera and this is the result. The darker picture is the result of under exposing the image and bringing the exposure up in post processing (it was intentional as was the grain) the other one is a composite shot of three different images blended using an HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing, it's not that impressive except the blue centers of the Screws.

I have some questions I would like some feedback on, if you would be so kind:
  1. Is there any interest in taking pictures of everyday things?
  2. Do you know of anybody that will give me a sponsorship for drinking Diet Dr Pepper?

Click on the Pictures to get a bigger view.

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  1. What a hoot! Good luck with the sponsors.

    I like looking at pictures you take. Not a direct answer to your question; but there it is.


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