Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Up up and away in a Beautiful Balloon

Sandy City in Utah hosted a Hot Air Balloon festival on August 13, 2011.  I have wanted to take photos of hot air balloons for a long time, but have had to be other places for the last few years (busy busy busy).  This year I was able to attend and get some of my personal photography skills sharpened with a subject I have never shot before.  I really had a good time and got some good pictures. There wasn't any clouds so there was very little reference when the balloons were in the air. I decided to switch focus and capture some small details and  some balloon groupings, here you go (you can see the full set of photos here StevePetersonPhotography.com):


  1. These pictures are incredible, great job!

    I especially like the second one with the red balloon rising up over the trees.

  2. Thanks, I do too. There is a photo contest that goes along with this event, but the contest requires that I give full rights to the image where it wins or not. Should I enter it?


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