Friday, October 1, 2010

Photographing an overly massive hole!

Recently I took my family to the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine (40.53510, -112.15125 map link). This place is massive, you have to visit to fully appreciate it. How could I capture the massiveness of it and still focus on the details? First thing I needed to do was get a picture of the team in front of the massive tire that will hopefully give scale to the size of the hole:
Even though this photo appears to be a tourist snapshot (you can see other tourists lining up the shot on the other side) I tried to make it more like a portrait then a snapshot.

First tip: on capturing the massiveness of this hole was to walk around and see what was around, try to absorb the surroundings. While walking around I try and wax artistic, it gives me a chance to see things from a different perspective:
I saw this mine cart and was amazed at the texture and grain and wanted to capture it so I did.

Second tip: look to the left, right and get in close. When you butter toast focus on the outside and the middle takes care of its self, or so I'm told. This was my focus on this hole as well, in the left and right picture you can see a truck (one of the trucks the size of the wheel) that will hopefully give you an idea of the massiveness of this place.

Left: see the little trucks in in the distance?
Right: see the two trucks passing, pretty massive?
Close up: even though the mine is so big it also has a really amazing repetitive organized pattern.
Reminder: always have your camera with you (its like a record that keeps playing the same tune).

When was the last time you printed images?  The more you print the more you will see and feel your images which I think makes you a better photographer.

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