Thursday, June 10, 2010

The mountain princess - Timpanogos HDR vs Tone Mapping vs Black and White

On my way to work, I had to stop and capture this Massive mountain.  To get the correct perspective I left the Draper Temple in the photo so you can see just how big it is. I find my self looking at it a lot when I drive and always looking for the correct clouds and snow (this is spring snow and has been a fantastic addition, it's all but gone now). This was a morning when I had to stop.

There has been a lot of HDR processing on photos as of late, I have been doing a HDR and tone mapping comparison. I'm not sure which one I like better. What do you think?

Tone Mapping:
Tone Mapped Mount Tempanogas

Mount Tempanogas HDR

Black and White:
Mount Tempanogas HDR Silver

Let's Play a game: first one to comment gets a copy of one of the three images in 8x10.


  1. My favorite is the tone mapping. I didn't notice the temple the first time I looked at the picture, that's amazing!

  2. PS the black and white is pretty sik too!

  3. Those are seriously awesome. Great contrast on the bottom one. Well done sir.

  4. This are awesome Petey! Almost makes me miss living out West, but it's too cold!!!

  5. I like the tone mapping better. I love the variation in the clouds. Absolutely beautiful :)


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