Thursday, April 29, 2010

Self Portrait

I was very lazy for the photo contest I like to work in on vote for me here. I had this idea in my head for so long and it took me a long time to actually put it on the sensor. The set up was in my mind from the time I saw a picture of a basketball player, it was lite from the left, right and above. It was really cool and I wanted to try it but I was lazy and didn't. The contest on facebook ends in one week, by the way, so this is right under the wire for it. I did the shoot during a late night in the office so the background is very business but thats me, all about business time! Let me know which image you like better.


  1. Well lookie there...Scott and I are your first followers....pretty soon you will have your own cult...LOL. Hey why ya got to look so mean in all your pictures? We all know you are a Teddy Bear...LOL

  2. I like the one with the red shirt!

  3. Thanks for following me I would one day love to teach the world to shoot... pictures anyway. I'm smiling in the pic with the jacket, well sorta smiling.

    I really like the one with the red shirt too, it was closer to the vision I had in my mind when I was setting up the shot I need more hair to get the full vision I wanted. the key light behind me (that created the cutout look around my head and shoulders) I was trying to get the halo around my head, but I don't have any hair it doesn't catch the light like I wanted it to.

    Dawn: Can I post a couple of pictures from your family photo shoot here (on my blog)?


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